Welcome to Vienna Cooking Classes!

We cordially invite you to join our cooking classes in Viennese private homes!


Together, we prepare traditional Viennese dishes and then sit down and enjoy the meal. You will not only learn how to make our favorite local dishes in the cozy atmosphere of a private home, but get to know passionate hobby chefs from Vienna and all over the world.

So what can we make together?

The sky’s the limit! However, we specialize in traditional Viennese cuisine.

We can plan a short and simple course with two or three Dessert Specialties including, of course, Apple Strudel.

We can plan a Three Course Meal with the all time favorite Wiener Schnitzel at it’s heart.

Or we can venture into the history of Jewish culture in Vienna with one of our instructors who specializes in Traditional Kosher Cooking.

All of our courses can be paired with a Tour of the famous Naschmarkt in the heart of Vienna or an Off-the-beaten-track Tour of some of the many, many other markets Vienna has to offer.

If you’re a wine lover (and who isn’t when it comes to Austrian Wines?) we can pair a Tasting with any of our classes, even sweet ones!

And around Christmas time we offer Cookies! …so many cookies! Private classes where you can make Linzeraugen and Vanillekipferl to your hearts content. Or you can join one of our open Christmas Cookie Baking Parties where we’ll put on a pot of Goulash soup and you’ll put on an apron and grab a rolling pin to take part in making your own array of cookies to take home for the holidays.

All of our offerings come with a large dose of the tradition and history that makes Viennese Cuisine so special.

I’ve often said that the Viennese love to travel and love to try new things, but when they come home they insist on their cuisine, the food they hold dearest, the way Mama made it. It’s stubborn and refuses to be replaced or largely changed for good reason – It’s perfect the way it is!

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