Apple Strudel and Dumplings

If you have three hours to spare then spend them with us making two of Austria’s favorite desserts! Firstly, the fun, and fascinating hand-pulled Apple Strudel: We’ll show you how to make the dough and form the strudel by hand the way it’s been done in Vienna for hundreds of years. We’ll make a vanilla sauce to go with it and then get started on our second dish, the Topfenknödel – a kind of delicate, sweetened cheese dumpling. It’s a simple and elegant introduction to the world of Austrian Dumpling Culture which is sure to become a family favorite at home and beautiful enough for guests as well! To go with them, we’ll make a roasted raspberry sauce so good and easy you’ll add it to your list of favorites straight away!

€62 per person

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Three Course Wiener Schnitzel Menu

  • Beef Broth with Semolina Dumplings
  • Wiener Schnitzel with Austrian style Potato Salad or Parsley Potatoes
  • Apple Strudel with Vanilla Sauce.

This class begins with a lesson in Viennese Kraftsuppe (Strength Soup). A traditional start to Austrian meals, this beef-based broth is simmered for hours and uses one or two interesting tricks for even more color and flavor. It’s the perfect foil for the dumplings, themselves a favorite of young and old, and very satisfying to enjoy.

For our main course, we’ll make Wiener Schnitzel! This national dish of Austria is traditionally made with Veal (but we can substitute Chicken or Pork if you prefer) which is pounded to an even thinness before being breaded and fried to fluffy, crispy perfection! To accompany it we’ll make Austrian-style potato salad with its surprising technique for making it the perfect accompaniment to the Schnitzel.

And for Dessert, of course, hand-pulled apple strudel with vanilla sauce! You’ll take part in the transformation of a lump of dough into a paper thin canvas for apples, cinnamon, and caramelized bread crumbs which you’ll roll up inside and then bake to perfectly browned and flaky perfection.

Austrian wines will round out the meal and you can enjoy your dessert with a Coffee or Tea if you like!

€120 per person

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