Maybe you’re in Vienna for the holidays, trying to plan your time around Christmas and it becomes apparent… there’s not much open!

The streets have lost their bustle. The festive markets will be shuttered, and the ones that are open will only have the curious trinkets and baubles (of sometimes questionable taste 😉 that we love to gift each another here as good luck charms to ring in the New Year.

And not to mention, it will be cooooold.

You should consider getting together in a cozy Viennese apartment and taking advantage of this time to learn how to make the perfect Wiener Schnitzel and all that rounds out a perfect menu to go with it. Professional Chef-Instructor Michael promises you just that!

He says:

“The best Schnitzel you will ever taste is the one you make yourself. Let me show you how!

By following the 3 easy rules of Schnitzel making, I will turn you into a schnitzel King or Queen.

And, as I have kept my promise a million times – IT MUST BE CRISPY AS HELL  and  FLUFFY AS HEAVEN.”

Things warm up with a glass of bubbly as you arrive.

Then you’ll get started making fluffy semolina dumplings floating on a delicious homemade beef broth – a dish with its own traditions and additions that make it a Viennese staple not to be taken for granted!

Followed by VIENNA’s Most Famous and always Crispy SCHNITZEL, made from tender Austrian veal or chicken,

accompanied by salad, parsley potatoes, and Lingonberry jam.

Last, but by far not least, the spectacular homemade APPELSTRUDEL as you will never experience it again.

We make the Strudel pastry from scratch, learning all the tricks and secrets to making this wonderful classic! And a light vanilla sauce will round it off beautifully.

Then you’ll sit down together and enjoy this perfect meal of your creation with a glass of Austrian wine or beer and have a cup of coffee or tea with your still-warm, home-made apple strudel. Perfection!

Interested? INQUIRE HERE about booking this class with Michael during the holidays on the 24th through the 28th of December for €160 per person (children receive special attention and their prices are negotiable)