We have open classes, but also offer individual dates. If you prefer an individual date, I am happy to see if one of our hosts is available. Please send us a mail  –>

Vienna Cooking Classes

For an individual date, I would need the following information, please:

– What day and time would you prefer?
– How many are you?
– What kind of class would you prefer? (prizes and more information on the classes below)
– Would you like to keep the class private or can we open the date for others to book as well?

Classes and prices:

The prices vary a bit, because hosts can set them theirselfes.

Apple Strudel Baking Class

In this class you will learn how to make one of the most beloved Viennese desserts from scratch. You will learn how to stretch and roll Viennese Strudel dough, and be able to enjoy it afterwards. Coffee and tea included. Duration: ~3h. Price: from EUR 40,00 to EUR 58,00 (depending which host is available)


Full Menu Cooking Class

In this Viennese cooking class, your host will teach you how to make delicious Semolina Dumpling Soup, Viennese Schnitzel with potato salad and Kaiserschmarrn or Apple Strudel for dessert. If you have another dish in mind, like pork roast or boiled beef, or sweet dumplings for dessert, we are happy to include this in our menu. Wine and other drinks are included. Duration: ~4h. Price: from EUR 88,00 to EUR 105,00 (depending which host is available)


Christmas Cookie Baking Classes

In this class, you will learn how to make a variety of delicious Austrian christmas cookies, including Linzer cookies. You will be able to take the cookies with you after the class. Duration: ~4h. Price: EUR 77,00 for adults, EUR 38,50 for kids and teenagers under 16.



Kosher Cooking Classes & Private Dining

Kosher Cooking Class

In our kosher classes, you will be able to learn more about kosher cooking and jewish lifestyle in Vienna, while preparing a delicious seasonal menu. Our host Maschi also offers kosher brunches and private dinners as well as a vegetarian and a typical Viennese menu. The price varies from EUR 36,00 for the brunch and about EUR 40,00-50,00 for the private dining, to about EUR 75,00-100,00 for the cooking classes. (depending on the menu)



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