Maschis Delishkes Kosher Cooking Class - Koscher Kochen - Jüdische KücheWe also offer Kosher Cooking Classes for those interested in Jewish Culture in Vienna!

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The Jewish culture and history cannot be separated from the City of Vienna and has, in a special way, influenced the Viennese attitude to life.

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But while the linguistic and cultural heritage is ever-present, Jewish kitchen, with its connection to religious rules and exotic ingredients, for many people is “not completely Kosher”.

In recent times, the Mediterranean Kosher kitchen of Israel has become popular. Most people now know what hummus, falafel and other common Jewish foods are.

But what else is there in the Jewish kitchen? Is there even “one” Jewish kitchen? What, actually, is Kosher?

How do the Jewish inhabitants of Vienna integrate these food rules into their daily lives?
Which rules, rituals and celebrations are there?

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Maschis Delishkes Kosher Cooking Class - Koscher Kochen - Jüdische KücheThe 4000-year history of keeping Jewish food Kosher is special. Kosher food has experienced an impressive boom in the last few decades, and has meanwhile become symbol of Jewish identity.

Who has never heard of Kosher restaurants, Kosher food and Kosher ingredients? Kosher originally means “complete” and “allowed” and today signals above all, a special food that is made in keeping with Jewish law. This particular diet has not been formed as a result of hygienic requirements, due to the climate in the Middle East, or as a leftover of old customs or self-disciplines.

>>You shall not boil a kid in the milk of his mother.<<
Exodus 23: 19

This is how it is written. This is the basis of Kosher cuisine. In principle, therefore, meat and milk must not be cooked, or even consumed, together.


As we know, the food of man occupies a special place in his life, so for Shabbat, and on all feast days and family celebrations, a great feast is being prepared.

Chopped liver, Chazilim, Egg Salad, Haluschken, Borscht, Blintzes, Kigel, Latkes, Rugelach, Babka, Challah and many more. Do you know these exquisite dishes?
Do you want to taste the flavours of Kosher, Jewish cuisine?

We cook together for 2.5-3 hours and then sit comfortably with friends at the table. At the same time you learn a lot about Jewish holidays, customs and rites as well as learning a lot about the meaning of Kosher cuisine.