Tafelspitz and Grüner Veltliner

Together with Chef-instructor Barbara, you’ll cook a traditional 3-course Tafelspitz menu. And while the soup is on the stove you will devote yourselves to wine tasting. You’ll sip your way from Austria’s renowned Grüner Veltliner “basic” all the way through to the exquisite “Samaragd” quality level of this varietal wine.

What you’ll make:

As high-quality Austrian beef slowly cooks, it creates a wonderful broth, which is enjoyed as the first course, an aromatic soup garnished with traditional Semolina Dumplings or thinly cut strips of Austrian style crepes, called Frittaten.

The main course is the wonderful beef, sliced and served with the vegetables that are cooked in the broth. But the accompaniments are what round out the course. You’ll make Erdäpfelschmarrn – a kind of Austrian potato hashbrown, Apfelkren, which is a sauce made of grated sour apples refined with horseradish, and a bright chive sauce made with the excellent sour cream of the region.

For Dessert, a traditional Austrian apple strudel. You’ll mix the dough and then stretch it out to seemingly impossible thinness to create this famous classic.

And it will all be accompanied by yet another perfectly paired Grüner Veltliner, selected by your hostess and sommelier, Barbara.

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